Credit: Marcel Wah
About The Founder

Marcel Wah, Founder of Wah Fine Arts, a Studio Wah Exhibitions LLC company, is an artist from a long line of family artists.


Marcel received a BFA and MFA in Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute and California College of the Arts, respectively.


Since 1995, Marcel has been actively working with artists from the US, the Caribbean, and now Europe.


Marcel is also the founder of the following:


Marcel's interests in tourism combines his passion for art and travel to promote the artists he represents beyond the boundaries of the art world.


Career Development and Art Consultation Services for fine artists, curators, collectors, and corporate art buyers.



Wah Fine Arts is a full-service fine arts agency for professional artists wanting to advance their careers in a competitive art world. Our services remove the worries and routine art administration work from your hands and shoulders to us. We work tirelessly to support your art career and to move it into high gear. Our team of experts work closely with each artist we sign up to ensure we meet the goals we agree on together.



Working with artists doesn't stop there. One of our strategies is to collaborate with curators from museums, art centers, university galleries, and other art institutions to achieve the widest exposure for our artists and to secure shows. This relationship with key decision makers is important to develop awareness of you and your work, but also to assist them with the resources they need to get your art on their walls and seen by the public.



We work all the angles in the art industry to help you have a successful art career. This comprehensive approach gives you multiple opportunities in order to gain various income potential. Just take a look at our Total Artist Management program to evaluate what we can do for you.



To have our company consider representing you, please submit your request and we will be happy to review your work. You will hear from us in a timely manner to begin putting your art career on the fast track. Don't delay, contact us now to learn how we can help.